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Why would you refinish instead of just buying new!!


Well, first I went to Angi's List and ask

                               "How much does it cost to replace and install a bathtub?"

Answer:   $4,000. - $10,000

If that isn't enough I am sure most of us inherited our tub when we bought our house. The existing color may not reflect your taste . We can restore your tub to a high gloss new color and at the same time have a brand new color also applied to your tile and grout. No need to replace anything. 

More than 14 years ago ABC News produced a Good Morning America segment focused on a Massachusetts couple who had exhausted all potential sources of lead that was turning up in their daughters blood stream during routine bloodwork. The source eventually was found to be their bathtub. "Old tubs are also a typical source but it's one that is still unfortunately overlooked." Quoted Marcia J, Stone, president and CEO of Hybrivet Systems Inc. 


Most tub manufacturers stopped using lead in the enamel and glazing process years ago but tubs even 15 and 20 years ago still typically contain lead that can leech as the glazing wears away. 

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