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Bath Masters will protect the areas  around the bathroom with paper & plastic . When we refinish your tub and  remove the old caulking , we then apply new caulking around the tub.  We prepare the tub and tile prior to refinishing. The prep work is very involved. The bathtub and surrounding surfaces are then easy to clean. Never use bleach  or ammonia on any refinished surface. Our warrenty has directions on how to clean your newly refinished surface. Only use non abrasive cleaners. 

We repair crack or chip in both porcelain and fiberglass tubs, new and old. We here at Bath Masters are licensed and insured with 35 years of experience fixing these kind of problem. If you have a crack in the bottom of your fiberglass tub we can put a complete bottom in it without removing the tub. We grind the bottom of the tub then pour in the new fiberglass bottom and feathers it into the sides. Then matching your color as closely as possible we then apply a slip resistant surface. At that time we can refinish your unit then or at a later date.  Feel free to visit our  Other Services page for more details.

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