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bottom of fiberglass tub.PNG
Finished product complete fiberglass bottom installed_edited.jpg
crack in fiberglass tub.PNG

Before slip resistant bottom goes on top

Finished product. Complete fiberglass bottom. Installed in a cracked leaking fiberglass tub shower unit

Why in the world would you not repair your tub and save an enormous amount of money. Bath Masters is a reliable company that has been working on repairs to bathtubs for 35 years. Charles Barb the owner does the work. Specializing in repair and refinishing of Fiberglass and porcelain tubs is an art. To take anything that is old and restore it to it's original beauty is real talent. Charles Barb also does an amazing job refinishing tile around the tub. See pictures below of some of our most recent work. We will match existing colors as close as possible or do everything in a new color.

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